Our Story

In 2009, Luke Frederick needed office space for his new startup. In order to defray the cost of rent he reached out to his good friend Lucas Botz. Over the next year they quickly realized the power of doing business within proximity. The agitation that took place between their two companies lead to bottom line growth and accountability to run their businesses with integrity. 

why restore exists 

Today there are over 30 companies and startups in the restore community. The focus for each company is to run their businesses with integrity and intention to impact the restore, local, and global community for good.  Restore is a co-working space in Minneapolis focused on reimagining how business can be done in today's world. This happens by companies placing value on their ability to create positive change in their immediate, local, and global community, through helping others achieve their goals. When companies leverage their resources to help others, an upward movement can take place.